Ever since I can remember, if I held a pencil, I drew. Like many others, I began by coloring within the lines to eventually creating my own. When I was 15, my dad introduced me to Adobe Photoshop 8, and I became glued to my computer. Through the years, my love for Photoshop, and other Adobe products, grew stronger to the point where I decided I would pursue a career in graphic doodling... I mean design.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Los Angeles in 2009, I've been lucky to receive career opportunities that made me the designer I am today. I’m a creative thinker with 11 years of professional experience juggling deadlines and multiple projects, brainstorming and executing new ideas and designs, and seeks ongoing education on best practices and industry standards. I’m a sucker for efficiency and a proud team player who initiates and embraces
collaborating with colleagues and solutions relating to both design challenges and internal workflow.