When I was 15, my dad introduced me to Adobe Photoshop 8, and I became glued to my computer. Through the years, my love and interest of Adobe software grew stronger and I decided to pursue a career in graphic doodling... I mean design.

After graduating with a B.S. in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles in 2009, I've been lucky to receive career opportunities with companies such as Mattel, instant.ly, Petersen Automotive Museum, and CauseForce. All have challenged me to create print and digital designs ranging from vinyl prints, books, animations, social media graphics, banners, logos, and interface design.
Design assists in finding solutions to problems and I love being a part of solving the puzzle (which is probably why I was the only kid who loved math class growing up).

Fun facts:
I love to bake! I made 100 green alien cupcakes while working for Mattel to celebrate the launch of the Toy Story 3 toy line. I've also always loved motorcycles and thankfully met my husband who continues to be my coach and main cheerleader when we go racing.